Baraka Pistachio Halva | Delicious Sweet Sesame Appetizer, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Original Halvah Pistachio Candy Handmade in Lebanon, 14.10 oz (Pack of 1)



HALVA WITH PISTACHIOS: Baraka Halva has a nutty, rich sweetness to it thanks to the toasty flavors of sesame seeds combined with sugar syrup. The halvah dessert is made fresh, dairy-free, gluten-free & super yummy down to the last bite. DELICIOUS LEBANESE DESSERT: Handmade in Lebanon, our halva is made out of pistachios that have a soft & crumbly texture pleasing to the taste buds. Indulge in every bite as you savor flavors that pair exceptionally well with coffee, tea, toast & crackers. HOW TO EAT PISTACHIO HALVA: Break off a bit to eat at a time, slice the bar up to divide it into multiple servings or spread it on toasted bread (or crackers) to enjoy a sweet snack. These desserts can be enjoyed as halva snacks, appetizers & much more. AUTHENTIC RECIPE/INGREDIENTS: Our recipe consists only of natural Sesame Paste, Pistachio Nuts, Saponaria Root Extract, Vanilla Powder, Sugar, Glucose Syrup & Citric Acid. Nothing more. A true homage to Lebanese tradition that dates bag centuries! TRULY 100% MEDITERRANEAN: Baraka foods are all proudly made in Middle Eastern countries using the absolute most authentic recipes & ingredients. We pride ourselves on bringing world-famous Mediterranean flavors to kitchen pantries around the globe.


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