BRITANNIA Bourbon the Original-Choco Creme Biscuits 13.7oz /390g (Pack of 1)



Smooth chocolate cream sandwiched between crunchy, sugary chocolate biscuits. A pairing that never fails to impress. The rich, buttery cookie flavor combined with sweet, decadent chocolate is sure to win you over. Every bite of Britannia Bourbon the original cream biscuits is a treat for anyone with a sweet tooth. Rich, but not heavy - a delicate treat - a delicious pairing of cookie and chocolate. Well-balanced flavor with the perfect amount of sweetness makes it difficult to stop consuming. It's crunchy and delicious in every bite and perfect accompaniment with tea or coffee. You can trust that each cookie has been baked to perfection with the finest quality raw materials. Breakfast sandwich cookies filled with a juicy dark chocolate flavored crème. Treat yourself during your morning coffee, satisfy your afternoon sweet tooth and for dessert. It's also a great treat for children who just can't have enough of these delightful cookies.


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